Restricting holiday homes to 41 week occupancy

As the owner of a small holiday chalet on the Isle of Wight, which is managed by a private management company who have a total disregard for law and regulation, which are not in their favour.


There has been a covenant on the whole site which restricts the occupation of the homes to 41 weeks per annum and has 2 'shut-down periods' to ensure non occupancy.  The electricity is cut during these periods as the company wish to retain the site as a 1950's holiday camp.  taking into consideration that there are no facilities on the site apart from a small insignificant shop, the holiday camp dream has past and it's about time these ancient covenants were abolished to allow people like myself who bought their chalets freehold, to do what they want 'within reason'!

Many sites similar to ours, have changed and allow full-time occupancy.  This allows owners to rent out their holiday homes all year and prevents the damage from dampness and the increased occurrence of crime within the sites due to no one being on the site for 10 weeks per year.

Why does this idea matter?

To allow owners to rent out their property and thus providing more housing for a 12 month period.  With holiday trends changing and the ever increasing ferry costs to the Isle of Wight, diversity is needed but totally unworkable with current ancient covenants and regulations.

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