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School Uniforms

Comment 5th July 2010

I doubt  if a law exists which legally compels the wearing of school uniforms, yet there are very few, if any, schools which do not  try to enforce comformity in this matter. The practice is now spreading to most primary schools. I presume Head Teachers have the legal right to use their discretion in this matter.  If so this right should be removed.

Why does this matter?

Uniformity should not be mistaken for unity (school ethos),

 Scandinavia, France, Benelux, Germany, USA, Canada and many more countries dont have uniforms. Is education in these countries inferior to ours?

It is an infringment of individual liberty of both parents and pupil;

 It also supresses individuality and creativity

creates huge conflict between pupils and the staff who try to enforce it, poisoning the  atmosphere in class and corridor, which militates against a good learning environment

;  creates unnecessary punishments for infringing unnecessary rules;

creates conflicts beween rival schools which can and does lead to anti-social behaviour out-of-school.

It is an unnnecessary  financial burden for many parents

The state, the local authority, the school should have no right to dictate what clothes parents buy their children and what they wear to school within reason.

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