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Scrap “Digital Economy Act”

Comment 2nd July 2010

The digital economy act is a porrly designed attempt to reduce internet piracy. Yes, internet piracy is a problem, however the Act is poorly designed and wont do what it intends.

Under the act you will be found guilty if your network has been used for piracy… what if someone is stealing your wi-fi internet? What if a child or tennant that shares your network donloads ilegally? What if your computer is illegally accessed for partial download through new Pier 2 Pier software (beyond your control)….. If any of these happen, in the eyes of the act, it is YOUR fault and YOU will be punished.

This act also goes completly against logic. We are told it will help the LEGAL download market, however, research has shown that 70% of downloaders buy everything they downloaded later on, and use their illegal downloads as a trial or preview to test the product… think about it, why part with money for an album if you might not like it? Downoload it first, and if you like it buy it!

This Act was also pushed through in a blur with MPs not even looking. My local MP, when asked, told me that he had never even heard of the ACT!

Why does this matter?

The act is badly formed and will punish many innocent people. Also, slowing down an internet connection DOES mean that it will be harder for someone to make illegal downloads, however it will make it near impossible for them to download LEGALLY.


Its poorly worded, poorly formed, and pushed through when no-one was looking… it is democracy at its worst and it should go!

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