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Scrap Part P Accreditation Bodies

4 Comments 6th July 2010

Replace accreditation bodies with a register of persons competent to undertake domestic electrical work via training, experience and qualification i.e. as recognised by the same technical regulations that underpin all UK electrical regulations – BS7671.  Anything else is simply a confusing and inferior double-standard which benefits neither the electrical industry nor the customer.

Why does this matter?

I have served an apprenticeship, attended further and higher education, additional training courses, updated qualifications in line with the ever evolving BS7671 whenever required, and can prove all of the above.  I have been scrutinised, tested, and examined by industry professionals in each and everyone of these arenas over the past 30 years, continually improving via the experience of each and every job completed.  What possible merit is there in my being "accredited" by people to whom BS7671 meant not one jot until it became a money-spinner for them in 2005?  Part P is an insulting joke, has achieved the opposite to what is claimed for it, and sees both the honest electrician and Joe Public ripped-off.

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4 Responses to Scrap Part P Accreditation Bodies

  1. Kevin Wharton says:

    Totally agree, money making scam for Nic etc..Time served C&G qualified Electricians.
    Should not be penalised from thess scam providors.We are in the middle of a recession
    for gods sake.

  2. greg says:

    I totally agree that it is a money making scam.
    They should follow Australia and licence individual qualified electricians.
    And not allow D.I.Y. stores to sell cable etc…..
    You need your licence to purchase goods from a wholesaler.
    Three types of licence C for Apprentices
    B which can be restricted for overseas workers and specilist only areas and A fully quallified and able to train Apprentices

  3. Alex says:

    These accreditation schemes do nothing but generate income for bogus training companies, and government quangos. Having spent a worklife on electrical equipment with all the qualifications and experience this requires. I now need a Part P accredited person to fit a light in the bathroom. It matters not one jot that they may be totally inexperienced to do this as long as they have paid for a 1 week course and got the piece of paper! Totally bizarre! Also how do Polish electricians qualify for UK Part P in Poland?

  4. Lance Russell says:

    In complete agreement with all the above. Insane waste of time and money, let alone an insult to the highly professional experienced electricians out there. The NICEIC et all are only interested in revenue; has anyone ever tried reporting dangerous work by a rogue member to them? As a 12-year annually scrutinised member I have on several occasions and they aren’t interested in enforcement. The £500+ annual membership fee is a pure overhead to me, and therefore my customers.

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