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Set a point when a foetus becomes considered life. Keep Abbortions.

Comment 15th March 2013

I recently posted a similar article to this upon which many people got the wrong idea and were thinking i wanted abbortions banned due to the articles title. This is not the case i completely agree with abbortions so please remember that when rating this article. i merely feel that at some point while in the womb a baby should be considered life. 


My suggestion is to define a point while a baby is in its mothers womb at which the baby in law becomes considered to be a "Human Being".

Under the current law a baby is not considered to be a human being until it is independent of its mother meaning it has left her womb. This means that if a mother naturally goes into labour after 9 months and she was stabbed killing the baby then no offence has been committed against the baby or as law calls "the foetus". this is despite the fact that had the baby been born that day it would have survived without complications.

I am no medical or legal expert I am merely a 17 year old student, but I personally think its disgusting that parents can have their child's life taken from them and there is no offence on the baby, I call it Murder. I ask anyone reading this who currently has a pregnancy in the family or close to the family, how does it make you feel that if someone where to harm the pregnant women therefore killing the baby, even if those actions where clearly intentional, no offence exists? its actually impossible to legally Murder a child while its in its mothers womb. And to any parent who is reading this, you should be angered at the thought that had your child been killed the day before their birth then apparently they have not been murdered. Children can be deprived of life without the law being broken. 



Why does this matter?

My idea is important because any parent could have had their child's life taken away from them and the Murderer under the current law gets off Scott free for the child's murder. Any British citizen or MP who are parents, look at your children now and I'm sure if they had been killed in the womb you would consider it murder
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