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Shared Information Technology

Comment 2nd July 2010

Why do all Governement Depts need their own IT departments, policies and systems. Why can't many services be shared – one network for communications, one procurement department (do each dept really need to decide what colour of laptop they have), shared data centres etc. etc.

There are probably similar communities/types of dept that could be grouped and procure of delivery their own services on sharded basis = for example why can't all local goverment in a region use the same systems and shared services.

It requires ploiticalk will and proper management – no good if lots of committees take years to get agreement on what they will have – by then the IT worls will have left them behind. Give someone the responsibility to make it happen and tell each dept what they are going to get – i.e. what the tax payer can afford

Why does this matter?

There are potentially huge economies of scale and reduced costs to be had.

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