I would like us to look at the New GPS tagging units being developed and offer this as an additional tool for sentencing.  

I am suggesting this in the place of prison and suspended sentences where it is considered safe to the general public and appropriate to the crime.crimes such as fraud and other non violent  offences

With a gps equiped tag attached to someone we have the ability to know within 60cm where they are right now and also when and where they have been over a period of time.

As most homes businesses and places of leisure are on pre existing databases we can then tailor exactly where a person is allowed to be and what hours they can be there.

How the punishments are made to fit the crime i leave to those better equiped to decide.


Why is this idea important?

huge cost savings over prison and allows a more creative style of punishment. Taking away someones liberty can still be achieved without prison. why not make the convicts life as hard as prison without incurring the cost of incarceration

Imagine a big, some would say victimless white collar fraud case where the sentence passed down is that for 3 years you can only leave the house Monday to friday from 8.00 to 7.00 .During your sentence you can only travel on a pre agreed transport corridor and you can only shop at pre agreed stores. You are restricted to the house during the weekends and cannot leave the country, any guests to your home have to be agreed and as you are serving a sentence you accept random drug tests at any time. you can continue in your place of work paying taxes as normal and you will also have your fine taken from you at source.This would costs the taxpayer nothing while still being tough on crime.

The complexity of the restrictions would only be restricted by the ingenuity of the courts.


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  1. I think this is a good idea for crimes like fraud and money laundering. But not for sex offenders and for violent crime. It costs prisons a lot of money to keep prisoners in. So I believe this would be a good idea.

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