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Smoking ban ( enforcement)

Comment 13th July 2010

We have a law relating to smoking in enclosed,( or partially enclosed ) places, workplaces etc.

What we do not have is proper enforcement of the existing law, this government, should ensure that local councils, be made to take the law seriously, and enforce the law, or be fined themselves.

The law should be tied in with the litter laws, when the enforcement of ,"one" will be effective,to a great extent on the other.

Why does this matter?

The law as it exists has only partial success, Many places of work,entertainment and pubs enforce the law, but the smokers that, in effect only partially do a days work, are to be found outside the premises smoking and invariably dropping their cigarette ends on the floor. Look outside the shops, places of work, like offices, bus stations, (that are not totally enclosed) and you will find a vast amount of "filth' in the form of cigarette ends ,cigarette packets, matches etc. The litter is now concentrated, and gets wet, stinks, and stains.

     This eyesore is also litter, enforcement ,if done effectively, would not only clean up our filthy cities, but would swell the coffers of our "strapped' councils. You have only to glance outside any of the kind of premises I have mentioned to see that a £50 fine for each dropped cigarette end would make a fortune, and the policing of it would be self financing, and would in the long run contribute to many smokers giving up the filthy habit.

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