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Specific legal guidelines regarding squatting

Comment 2nd July 2010

Put in place guidelines surrounding the use and occupation of empty buildings. These should include the rights of those to use the space but also the responsibilities to the space itself.

This would mean that evictions should take place not on the basis of the owner proving ownership but proving a need to return the building to use. 

It would also mean that owners would not be able to a building to become a crack house/shooting gallery as the squatters would be evicted for failing in their responsibilities to the upkeep of the building. 

Why does this matter?

There are millions of buildings lying empty in britain and it is irresponsible of the owners, these spaces often attract anti-social behavior in all shapes and forms as well as devaluing the surrounding properties. 

Beyond this, there is a greater social need for housing and buildings in general. I'm sure as the budget cuts roll in we will see a reduction in the number of facilities available to our communities. Why not allow the empty spaces to become the youth centers, the libraries, the hostels, the galleries, the venues, the social housing that would otherwise be provided by the tax payer. 


come on tories, this could be your big society !

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