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Speed related speeding fines

1 Comment 6th July 2010

Introduce a system where you get higher fines and more penalty points for the higher percentage above the speed limit you are caught doing; with a de minimis set of 10%.

For example :-

In a 30 MPH limit :-

Caught doing 32 MPH – No action!

Caught doing 39 MPH – £60 fine – 2 Penalty Points

Caught doing 49 MPH – £180 fine and 4 PPs

Caught doing 59 MPH – £500 fine and 7 PPs

And so on…………………………..


Why does this matter?

Would stop a lot of the "revenue raising" impact of speed cameras, whilst providing stronger discouragement for the "serious speeder".  I think there is a lot of difference between accidentally doing 35MPH in a 30 limit as opposed to blatantly cruising through at mid 40s – 50 MPH. 

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One Response to Speed related speeding fines

  1. David Lerner says:

    Good Idea but deminimis needs to be 10% + 2mph

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