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Stop encouraging Snoopers

Comment 8th July 2010

Several Government websites offer forms for people to anonymously report people for alleged crimes such as ta evasion or of being benefits chats.

This is a licence for malcontents and grudge-bearers to cause mischief with no comeback on themselves. In such cases, the cost of investigation and evaluation is high, and the potential damage to a victim's reputation is huge.

In Baghdad under Saddam, there were Baathist Party members on every street, and in Soviet Russia, nobody trusted anyone else, including family members, because of such a likelihood of being hauled in and interrogated.

Let us prevent the UK from splintering like this. If the authorities did their jobs properly, they wouldn't need to engage spies and tattle-tales on the cheap like this.

Why does this matter?

We must safeguard our rights to privacy and remove the vulnerability to malicious attacks by anonymous troublemakers in order to have an more cohesive and less fractured society.

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