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Strengthen The Hunting Ban.

Comment 1st July 2010

I want to see this law strengthed !  There is NO  place in modern day society for  barbaric medieval pastimes such as this to continue, (or be brought back as it is rumoured to be!)  Our country is a disgrace the way it is treating our animals and I must say I am ashamed to tell my children what goes on. I want us to lead the way in looking after our wildlife and be seen to nurture, care,respect and live in harmony with them. How can we preach to hungry Africans about looking after their beautiful wildlife when we can't even look after our own!  The recent  media coverage on the so called fox attack almost resembled a witch hunt. Shame on our disgraceful media for demonising a beautiful creature.

Why does this matter?

Caring for animals and all wildlife as our fellow creatures is learning to live in harmony. It sets an example to our children. Unless there is respect, love and understanding of nature I am afraid the planet will never be safe and we as humans will always be greedy and do as we please. We must lose this greed and selfishness and realise we just can't do things because we want to.

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