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Taxing War Veteran Pensioners?

Comment 21st July 2010


What is the British Government playing at?

Taxing pension is a crime! These people have paid all their lives into a system nad PAID for the NHS we currently enjoy today. Do you really think its fair to FURTHER tax pensions even though they have paid all their lives into the system?

This doubly goes for ANY war vateran reaching pension age! DO you think its fair to tax war vaterans on their pension, whislt if it were not for them You Mr Cameron, Mr CLegg would not even be talking about this, if it were not for these brave men and women? This country OWES them deeply. How do we pay them back? we shut them away in old peoples homes, tax their pension and make them pay even more?. What a disgrace, hang your heads in shame! We should honour these brave people and let them live the twilight years of their lives FREE from tax (on the pension that is)




Why does this matter?


We owe it to them, a society is only as strong as its weakest link!

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