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That the Government repeal the law which banned the sale of Sodium chlorate weedkiller from September 2009

Comment 6th July 2010

Many of us want to live in a society where we can go to our local Wilkinsons, Tesco or Pound Shop and buy a tub of Sodium chlorate weedkiller to use. Revoke this ban at once.

Why does this matter?

For many many years,  Sodium chlorate has always been a very cheap and highly effective weedkiller, but from September 2009 its sale has been banned. There is no similar product available. The reason that this product has been banned, is that it can be used to make home-made explosives. Now the difficulty is that so many household products can be used to make explosives, and if we broaden that view, many household objects could be used as weapons too.

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