Violent crime infringes my civil liberties; the freedom to walk the streets safely, live without locked doors night and day, allow children to play freely, not forced to attend schools secured against paedophiles This applies to all of us and regaining our freedom is a War, which Must be won. As with any war, there will casualties; judges, and juries, are not infallible. I am prepared to accept that, even if the wrongly convicted person is myself, in order to see our country free of murderers, sex offenders, drug dealers, drunk drivers, arsonists and all those who kill or otherwise destroy lives. If it takes leaving the EU to do it then good. Many of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers gave their lives for our freedom, which we cowards allow politicans to give away, while we pay for those who choose to give up their right to life to live in luxury.

Why is this idea important?

I believe if we back off repealing the act that abolished the death penalty we give tacit permission for anyone to kill. The words "Death Penalty" bring visions of hanging. It should be made clear that those found guilty of killing or destroying lives would be killed humanely; this is not an act of revenge but justice, I believe my idea is important because if we fail to take action, not only will the law continue to be treated as inapplicable to them by those who kill; the government, which is already weak, could face anarchy. Listen to the people around you who speak freely where they feel safe to do so; they are ANGRY… ordinary law-abiding people HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

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