Vehicle Excise Duty is a tax on vehicle ownership rather than use and should be scrapped.

Why is this idea important?

Vehicle Excise Duty is basically unfair as it penalises ownership rather than actual use of a vehicle. A much fairer system would be to recoup the tax through the fuel levy.

This would save money from administration and enforcement as there would be no licence to issue or evade.

Those who drive the most polluting vehicles would pay more than those who drive greener more fuel efficient vehicles so the environmental issue would be addressed.

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  1. Here’s the feedback that I submitted today when paying £290 for my VED:

    This amounts to a tax on the poor as I cannot afford to change my car. I do very little mileage: 6,500 per year and I’m paying the same as a company executive who covers 50,000 per year. Please abolish VED and add it to fuel to make it fair.

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