Many of of the complaints about the HRA revolve around foreigners who commit crimes here and resist deportation on the basis that they would be unfairly treated if deported.

I strongly believe that a visitor to my home or my country should behave well. If they abuse hospitality then they do not deserve to enjoy it any more and should be ejected.

It is highly probable that a criminal here fearing harsh treatment at home would only receive that harsh treatment because they were equally criminal there.

I suggest that any criminal who receives a sentence of more than 3 months for any deliberate crime, or any person that is convicted of inciting others to violent or crimininal acts should have the protection of the HRA against deportation automatically removed. Such a Bad Guest could then be liable to deportation after due process of UK law.


Why is this idea important?

There are several reasons why it is important.

There is a widespread belief that this country is a soft touch and that people can come here and be safe no matter what they do.

Even if this belief is not wholly true it encourages criminals to come here and does not discourage them from offending when they arrive.

Where it is true we are unable to rid ourselves of terrrorists, rapists and murderers from other countries.

By providing a safe haven even for persons wanted in the USA  we are actively suppporting the commission of violent and terrorist acts.

We currently have the situation that you can be deported to the USA to face trial for a financial act that is not criminal in the UK, but cannot be  deported to face trail for inciting terrorism that is illegal everywhere. 





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