Planning law makes it difficult for individuals to live in a modest way on thier own agricultural land. While planners should protect the countryside from overdevelopment, current planning law and practice presents a major obstacle to individuals who wish to cultivate the land and achieve a measure of self-sufficiency.

Everyone should have the right on live on the land they farm, and to do so is a basic civil liberty. Ludicrous planning laws conspire to make living on the land either expensive or difficult to achieve – or both.

Provision should be made for smallholders and farmers to live on the land. This need not be incompatible with preventing the countryside filling-up with houses. Dwellings could be modest or temporary in nature. The right to establsh them for genuine agricultural need is not fully supported by the planning system in England and Wales.

Why is this idea important?

Because the UK needs to make better use of its land, and encourage agriculture that builds biodiversity, and ensures a living countryside where people can afford to live and work.

Good husbandry must be encouraged, and those who wish to increase the fertility of the earth by their industry should be supported.

2 Replies to “Allow the right to live on one’s own land”

  1. Have owned my 3 acre small holding since 2002 with mobile home in situ. Had to go to appeal for retrospective planning where I was told that animals and mobile could stay but I couldn’t! To cut a very long story short, having been forced to live in really crappy social housing, we’d had enough! We just couldn’t afford to live in overpriced, under maintained “social housing” anymore.
    Mysteriously, the original mobile was totally trashed so we managed to get another of exactly the same dimensions. The “new” mobile was set fire to! Not totally beyond repair and with evidence of the perpetrator (yes, fingerprints on the accelerant container) no action was taken by the police!!!
    So, we fixed the new mobile having towed the old vandalised one off and the new one put in exactly the same place on the same day! Please bear in mind I’m 61 and very arthritic, so not a bad achievment even though it nearly killed me and my partner!
    So now we’re in our own dwelling on our own land. My partner is a low paid agricultural worker who works long hours (he’s also my unpaid carer) and we’re once again, bullied by King’s Lynn planning officers department! In other words, you’re homeless but sod off your own land anyway!
    Yes, I’m getting on in years (spirit is kind of willing but the body/ mind are totally pissed off with a lifetime of fighting to live a decent life) so we decide to sell the actual farm yard.
    Because a genuine buyer has not immediately been forthcoming, I have been informed that enforcement will take place! What more am I supposed to do? I’m already being forced to sell something I didn’t want to and probably be forced to sleep in our car!!!! Bloody ridiculous as I spend most of the day with the animals anyway… wonder this country is rapidly descending into Anarchy!!!

  2. My partner and I would love to buy some land and be able to live sustainably in an converted bus. This would allow us to rent our our house and save up to travel and purchase another property or business.

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