Whilst there should be some level of protection for people who choose a less conventional lifestyle it should not be at the expense of others. I am not an expert in these laws so am unable to say precisely which laws need to be repealed but as it stands the balance needs readdressing and I suggest that making it less onerous for landowners to reclaim their land would be a suitable proposal for further consideration.

Why is this idea important?


As it stands it can take weeks to evict groups of 'travellers' from land they have no right to occupy. They seem able to pitch up on village greens, car parks and fields, where necessary moving boulders or breaking locks. Since trespass is a civil offence rather than a criminal offence the landowner or local authority then has to go through all the necessary legal processes and timescales before the travellers are forced to move. The locals are then forced to pay for the clean-up operation.

My proposal is simply to remove some of the restrictions that make it difficult for the authorities to enforce the laws that others have to abide by and to reduce the timescales needed to move these groups on. Hopefully if they know they will only be allowed to stay for 24 hours they might be encouraged to use legitimate sites. 

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