affordable housing should not be allocated by need alone but by the contribution made towards the economy e.g. do they have the work ethic etc etc

Why is this idea important?

look at affordable housing allocation over the last 10 years and publish how many of those households are working. you will be shocked at the figures.

housing should provide a stable home so as to provide a secure base for employment

an estate that is dominated by non work ethic perpetuates that state of mind and breeds social problems

it is unfair on hard working families who struggle to pay market rent and barely make ends meet but are excluded from social housing

nimbyism is biased against affordable development because it is populated by the unemployed and viewed that the devil makes work for idle hands

social housing dominated by hard working families would encourage others endeavours and overcome development objections

housing should be viewed as a privilege not a right because applicants have manouvered themselves up the list because they have ticked the boxes

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