This Act brought into being by Jack Straw has been so often utilized by powerful and completely unaccountable social housing organisations against tenants towards whom they might bear a grudge or dislike, possibly for being outspoken against unjust treatment from the landlords, that it has become a weapon in their hands and, without regard for any crime having been committed by the tenant whatsoever they will mercilessly threaten the tenant and try to control them in every possible way with this bizarre Act..

Social Housing organisations are a law unto themselves with no respect for law and increasingly behave like the Nanny State extremis in every thing they say and do, interfering in every private domain of a tenant's life!! Putting an Asbo on a peace loving tenant with no addictions and no criminal record doesn't concern such tyrannical minds as those that exist within these particular housing organisations. Take the power out of their hands and please eliminate the much abused anti social behaviour Act!

Why is this idea important?

Because it shows how a fairly recent law has been misused by people in positions of unaccountable power and who also have the added power of considerable wealth, publicly funded or otherwise, to harm and destroy and make an utter misery of an indivual's life who can often find no protection in the justice system against such practised tyranny! This is a fact!!

Some social housing organisations seem incapable of using power with a sense of responsibility and a number of the people working for them will cling at anything to increase their control over a tenant's private life. It is really sickening. If an act is misused it should be removed to protect the right to individuality, to self expression, the right to a separate opinion and the right to a free life.

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