There are dozens of laws which prohibit the sexual activities of consenting adults, from the Disorderly Houses acts of 1781 through to the law banning the downloading of extreme pornography of 2009. These are often contradictory and confusing and many rarely enforced. However, they instil fear in people so that they are afraid to do the things they fancy doing.

It is said that controlling people's sexuality is the best way to keep society in control by the government.

Many people are ignorant of the law. For example, many people think prostitution is illegal so they don't use the services of sex workers even when they badly need such services.

Disabled people are often banned from having any sexual activity because of the same kind of ignorance.

Why is this idea important?

A sexually free society is essential for wellbeing and mental health. Sexual repression is responsible for evil acts, Roman catholic priests abusing children is a good example.

Most people think that sex is the most important thing in their lives, so why should those who want to do it slightly differently to the norm be stigmatised and criminalised?

Repealing the laws which restrict the sexual activity of consenting adults would make us all feel safer and happier.

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