Smoking in public places shoudl be illegal. Isn't it already banned you say? Yes, but, absurdly, only on some private property, where people have a choice to be.

Out on the street, where one often has to be at some point, it is allowed (including outside offices and pubs where ironically it is banned).

(No, you don't "have a right to go into a pub and not passively smoke" as I have heard it argued – you are permitted entry by the landlord/manager at their discretion.)

I would reverse the ban on smoking on private property – i.e. the rules on smoking int he workplace, leaving employers to decide on their own policies – no-one has been forced to work anywhere since the abolition of slavery!

Instead the ban should apply to publicly owned space.

(I am not a smoker!)

Why is this idea important?

It strengthens and recognises the principle of private property and what someone can do or allow on their own property – a basic prinicple of freedom and liberty.

It also makes the smoking ban more sensible and coherent.

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