I am a taxi driver in grimsby and cleethorpes.  Both my wife and i are not allowed to smoke in our own car (we have no children) even when i'm not working.  Pubs, clubs, bingo halls etc shutting down around us. Those that are left have the smokers standing outside in the wind and rain (infringing their rights) not only an eyesore but makes them look like criminals.  I have drinkers and bar staff alike, smokers and non-smokers, old people and young all day and night 7 days a week in my car, the said subject is brought up very often and i have yet to find someone who agrees with the ban.  Whereas when it rained taxi-ing got busy at night, now it's quiet because the smokers (a large proportion) don't go out because it means having to go outside the pub/club into the cold, rain, wind etc, also missing the nightlife which they came out for in the first place, as well as leaving behind friends. Nightclubs etc don't allow you to go outside and re-enter after a cigarette so it's go without (put up or shut up) or leave.  They should've offered each venue the chance to be smoking or non-smoking and let the staff and customers decide, not impose it on them.

Why is this idea important?

because it's cut off many people's enjoyment, shut down many businesses, put lots of people out of work and imposed something onto the voting population which the government themselves don't appear to adhere to in the houses of parliament (apparently they can smoke) if true, i find that disgusting

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