CRB checks are stifling foreign exchange visits. If an English school child is staying in the home of another school child in a foreign country, why do the foreign parents have to be checked? In this day of instant technology, is it not possible for parents to email or chat online and decide if they are happy with their “little John” staying in the home of “petit Jacques”?

Why is this idea important?

I am the chairman of East Preston Twinning Association. We are twinned with Brou in northern France. We were invited to attend a football tournament for 10 – 16 yr olds. The boys would have stayed in the homes of their hosts. Despite enthusiasm all round, we kept hitting the CRB brick wall. Ironically, Brou have exchanged football teams with Frankenberg in Germany (their German twin) several times and have no problems with placing these young people with French families. They just do it and get on with it, without, it seems, having any problems with the law in either France or Germany. This 2 nation tournament (sadly not 3) took place the same weekend as the opening of the World Cup. A good time was had by all and with no incidents.
What a wasted opportunity!!!

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