I am from the “Easter Europe” and to be precise from Slovakia; my country joined the EU in 2004. I came the same year to “your” country to improve my English. I am now a final year student at a University in the UK.
I do NOT!!! live on benefits!!! + Non of my friends from the “Eastern Europe”.

The reason why I am posting a comment is:

The whole benefit system in the UK is completely ridiculous!!!

Firstly, do you blame those people (Polish, etc), that they claime benefits? They are only a mirror image of the group of British citizens, who do the same! I am talking about a particularly group of British people (BUT this group is not small in numbers) who are not working, abusing the system by living on benefits of all kind. I do not want to start to talk about the problem of “teenager pregnancies”.

Secondly, when the United Kingdom opened the working market for the new EU countries in 2004, they should considered all possibilities, not now when they are loosing their ground under their feed.

To conclude, the system is wrong, because it can be abused. It is simple as that and speaking frankly, you do not need to be a genius to figure it out. As we can see it is happening on daily basis and this is utterly alogical!

Slovakia is not better than the UK and the British are not better that the others, the fact is that we all are humans and SOME OF US will simply use the chances to misuse and abuse the system if they have the opportunity to do it so. We show only give benefits to uk citizen or poeple in the uk.

Why is this idea important?

It show that eu citizen can see we are Giving them the chance to Abuse us & no The system is Wrong

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