Since the Conservatives came to power breakfast has become a favourite time of the day for a lot of people who get their newspapers delivered from the local newsagents, as they scan the headlines in search of what new diplomatic row Cameron has caused with his big mouth.

Cameron and The 'Cornflake Cough'
Diplomatic gaffes; once the sole domain of the Duke of Edinburgh have become front-page fodder since someone showed the tory leader how it was all part of the job to travel the world as the official representative of GB PLC.

The Natives are Revolting
Although no one mentioned it was as a 'diplomatic representative' that he travelled at the public's expense, and not as some opinionated lager lout who looks dead set on upsetting the locals.

Cannabis labelled as 'Sativex'? Ahhh…thats ok then.
And upset them he has, in a travel diary which has already led to 'burning effergies' of Cameron laying on the streets of Pakistan.

Which is impressive no matter how you look at it, when you remember he has been in power only a couple of months and one can only speculate where it will all end with 'Union Jack Cameron' at the helm.

Cannabis Seeds '3 for 2' while stocks last.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the Daily Mail continues to pay a level of respect to Cameron, which Gordon Brown simply never had offered to him by any of the press. Meaning their entire output has changed direction from being anti-government, to full on political lobbyist, and its not only Cameron who enjoys such luxury.

What a difference a year makes
Cannabis has also 'changed sides' in the eyes of the Daily Mail.

2008 and 2009 saw the headlines screaming "Mental Health", "Cannabis Psychosis" and other such utter clap-trap.

While the rest of the world started to get a grip on the whole cannabis issue, the United Kingdom, led in no small part by the output of the Daily Mail and others of its ilk, harked back to the 50's to rekindle a negative publicity campaign it once waged against homosexuality (Google search 'Peter Wildeblood' – Wildeblood, ironically, was employed as a Daily Mail writer at the time of his imprisonment for being gay).

The new campaign was successful. The current labour government led by Gordon Brown capitulated to the pressure applied by the Daily Mail and changed a law which simply didn't need changing.

Criminalising and alienating a large percentage of the British population who like to smoke a joint instead of drinking alcohol.

Cannabis was made a class B drug, police ramped up their actions against spotty little oiks found carrying a tenners worth of weed, and no sooner was the law changed making possession a more serious offence, they created another law putting the now class B drug cannabis, on a par with jaywalking, or littering.

How does THAT work?

According to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith if a person was found in possession of cannabis for a first time, the weed was to be confiscated, and the person found in possession was given a 'street warning'.

Same again if that person was caught for a second time. A court case would only ensue if the perp was caught a third time, in the same policing area.

A most confused way of dealing with a prickly issue, by wrapping it tighter in beaurocratic red tape.

The Daily Mail was full of its own success. Cannabis was branded as 'lethal'. Brown even said as much in a TV interview and the substance was cast off into the anals of history as a bad deal. Or so we thought.

Today, the 360' turnaround is complete as the Daily Mail talks for the first time, about the 'healing qualities' of cannabis in a blatant 'old boys club' advertisment which reads as follows;

Cannabis to work wonders for GW

About 100,000 people in Britain suffer from multiple sclerosis, many of them middle-aged women. For years, many have been breaking the law by seeking pain relief through smoking cannabis.

They may no longer need to. GW Pharmaceuticals has spent years working on ways to use the healing properties of the cannabis plant in a legal way and in June its cannabis-based drug, Sativex, was approved for sale here. Last week, Spain approved the drug as well and other countries on the Continent are expected to follow.

Midas Extra, the online subscription service for Financial Mail readers, recommended GW in April 2009, when Sativex was still in trials and the shares were 80p. Today they are 109p but there is still mileage in the stock.

Doctors often take time to understand and recommend products when they first come to market.

But sales should soon start to grow, particularly as MS sufferers are so keen to gain relief legally.

GW is also working with Japanese drugs giant Otsuka, researching ways in which the cannabis plant can help cancer patients. Otsuka recently extended their joint venture for another three years, during which time it will provide £8 million to fund GW's research.

Midas verdict: GW is already making money and profits for the year to September are expected to more than double from £1.2million to £2.7million.

Investors who bought at 80p may choose to sell half their shares but they should keep the rest.

There is also scope for new investors at the shares' current levels.

Traded on: Aim Ticker: GWP Contact: 01980 557000 or

The Daily Mail

So there we have it. Proof if it were ever needed, that a drug is only lethal until the Conservatives work out how they can make money from it.

Its little wonder then, that the entire UK population completely ignores any news or politicking to do with cannabis. Or that more people than ever are growing their own cannabis in a bid to slow the side-effects of getting old.

Adults can only be lied to for so long.


Why is this idea important?

the politicians dont care about civil liberties, what they care about is that you support what they have already set in their program.

i believe we are waisting our time here but does it matter? they have already wasted our lives with their laws so nothing to loose.

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