The French actually give you citizenship if you serve 5 years in the French Foreign legion.

They say you are French,not by birth,but by the blood you shed for the country.

Here we have Ghurkas refused entry, ex service folks and dependants tossed out after service if they are not british.

At present about half a battalion in the Scottish regiment is foreign born.

We should allow ALL ex servicemen and woman british citizenship after 3 years service.

Also any ex service man or woman should have citizenship for their spouse and childeren even if that spouse is foreign born- automatically.

Many ex servicemen are married to women that they cannot get ciitizenship for, as they are not in the UK for the required number of years.Globalisation,means many are working overseas as they have talents that are undervalued here in the UK at present

they should the right to the family life ,that so many immigrants use as the means to get their families in to this country under EU human rights legislation.

why should we not give benefits to our heros that we give to our prisoners and asylum seekers

Why is this idea important?

A democratic deficit.

Why do we give a life oppertunity to others with no connection to this country yet deny it to those who would die to protect us.

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