British fishing communities were devastated in the late 1970's by the introduction of a 200 mile exclusion zone for fishing around the waters of Iceland.  These were the traditional fishing grounds for Scottish and northern ports.  The Cod War ended when the UK Government conceded to this exclusion zone due to threats that Iceland would withdraw NATO radar defence monitoring. 

In 2008 the Icelandic Air Defence System became obsolete, serving no military purpose for the UK.  Although the Icelandic president has since sought to offer the monitoring system to the Russian's in return for financial and military support the Russians have stated quite clearly that they have no need for the system.  The agreement to prevent UK trawlers from fishing within 200 miles of Iceland therefore does not now serve any national interest.

After serving as a key culprit in the global financial meltdown (and since also throwing the aviation system in to havoc with the eruption of their volcano) the Icelandic people have now voted to shirk their responsibility of repaying money lost by UK individuals and organisations who saved and invested in Icelandic banks.  Besides contributing to the economic death of UK fishing communities, the £ billions lost in fishing revenue over the last half century, the Icelandic people have now effectively stolen £ billions more from the UK.

Now Iceland wants to join the EU !!! David Cameron has quite rightly indicated that Iceland should first seek to come to a reasonable arrangement regarding repayment of the banking debt.  However this does not go far enough. Membership of the EU should require that the 200 mile exclusion zone for fishing be overturned.

As a country we now have no reason to respect this exclusion zone.  We therefore request that the UK government seek to support UK industry by providing naval support for fishing in the North Atlantic, and by reclaiming our traditional fishing grounds.

Why is this idea important?

Reclaiming our sovereign right to fish North Atlantic waters around Iceland will boost our national economy in terms of fishing revenues and help to re-establish economically deprived fishing communities over the long term.  Securing natural food reserves is also in the national interest.

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