Yes, i want to make this crystal clear for all of us and for Sunita, David Cameron and (may party Democrats) Nick Glegg.  It is a total shame and depressing for someone to get caught or accused of stealing a packet of mints, a PC magazine and snickers bar from a Asda store.  You get arrested, and you were about to pay, but Asda say no the Police arrest you, you than go into the Police station at around 20:40 hours, and the Police ask you to owe up to the crime so that they can register you on the PNC, take your DNA and end the matter, if you dont they will have to fill in lots of forms charge you and give you a court date, and than convicted you geta criminal record.

I say, that after 10 years this single offence should come off the PNC and its very very simple, as the Police were doing this for many years.  An offence like was worth and is always worth at first a CAUTION, just because one doesnt owe up to the crime, I.e intending to steal that doesnt make him the top criminal of the century, if one gets convicted, and lets say the Jury do make mistakes.  There was no intentional in stealing so one should never owe up to the offence( all lawyesers will advice on that) or maybe they the lawyers want to make money

Why is this idea important?

I say, as petty theft as its known, is probabaly a common and i mean a real common crime in any part of the world.  Someone who is a petty criminal and is doing this regulalry than action is always required by the Police, but someone who gets convicted and as a conviction for shoplifting and has never been in trouble again for 10 years, shouldnt live with that record for the rest of its life, and should come off the PNC. 

Storing this type of record to fight crime isnt really worth it is it?  If someone re-offended shoplifting on more than 2 to 3 times, he or she will probabaly keep getting a caution or ok a fine or worst community service.  So why record an offence for someone who was convicted only once when it should have been a Police Caution.

I really hope Sunitas report includes erasing or she leaves it to the Police to erase shoplifting single offence from the PNC, when the new process is implemeted to not disclose minor offences to employers.

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