Not to be placed on the PCN

well, another good area is for anyone being arrested for a first time offence invovling shoplifting should be not placed on the PCN but on soft intelligence for 5 years and than erased.  Also if they are fined only in the courts than the fine needs to be doubled each time they get arrested for a similiar offence, and each time they get arrested than you add 5 years on, but the record only gets added to the PCN when re-offending occurs more than 2 times, so that means someone who keeps shoplifting or pick a pocket ot two than he gets heavily fined, and only after 3 offences of the same nature he/she will get placed on the PCN.

This is common sense, as (a) here you spot who is re-offending and (b) know who is a real thief or petty criminal, but each time he/she re-offends than the 5+5 rule applies and after the third offence of the same nature it gets added on the PCN and keeps incrementing 5+5+5+.  So if they never offend again i.e become a good person, than the record comes off after 10 years

Why is this idea important?

well, its a process which will work for petty crimes.

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