Currently copyright makes it illegal by default to use bits downloaded and uploaded via internet. This default behaviour that all bits on the internet are illegal by default and you need to ask a permission to use those bits from someone other side of the world. This should be modified so that bits are legal by default and illegal activity happens only when something more serious than normal internet use is happening. The limits of the copyright protection should be checked. Why current system is not working is because anyone could be successfully sued based on current rules and it takes huge amount of effort to avoid those arbitrary restrictions that are preventing _all_ use of bits downloaded over internet.

Why is this idea important?

Reason why this is important is because the internet architecture relies on copying bits from one computer to another. Every day millions of people are transferring bits from computer to another and current laws makes this illegal copyright infringement since people involved in copying the bits from computer to another have no way to check if the bits were properly authorized by the original author of the bits before the “illegal” transfer takes place. Another indication of how large this problem is that there are large communities involved in trying to go around this problem of the laws by innovative licensing of copyright works via GNU General public license for free software. Also there are indications that big copyright owners are starting to misuse the loophole in the law.

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