Enable pooling of a proportion of social housing at the national level to allow people to voluntarily relocate from deprived areas. 

Use the scheme to help provide employment opportunities to long term unemployed families.

Why is this idea important?

There are many barriers to long term unemployed people finding work but most significant is they are often trapped in lifestyles, communities and social housing in areas which exclude them from employment.

Many people trapped dream of escaping but are prevented.  The result is an increased and enduring burden on the state.

E.g. the life of someone stuck in an inner London estate could be transformed by making it easier for them to relocate within the UK away from London.

Immediately, many prejudicies come to mind to push against this like who will pay for the local amenities of high maintenance families.  However, if it makes the workforce more flexible then it can be be made self financing.  Better controls need to be put in place to ensure people who take up the scheme do not abuse it e.g. becoming nusance when moved into a nice neighbourhood.

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