Legalise Cannabis, regulate it in a similar manner to Alcohol and Cigarettes. Even go as far as giving it 'unit's to help people understand and regulate their intake.


No evidence has yet been provided to show that cannabis is any more dangerous than existing consumable drugs and chemicals (alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine etc). It is known to trigger mental illness in a very select few individuals, however, this is often taken out of context. ANY drug can trigger an illness or reaction and does so to a similar extent. People may be allergic to alcohol, nuts, sunlight, aspartame, the list goes on.

The situation is also exaggerated by the introduction of 'Skunk' and other cannabis derivatives. These substances are effectively a different product but are currently classed the same and used in judging the safety of cannabis. These products contain unknown and dangerous elements and known dangerous elements. By not allowing legalisation of cannabis, we've allowed these proven dangerous drugs to enter our country under the guise of cannabis, and without legal regulation, the buyer does not know what it is that they are paying for.

Why is this idea important?


  1. Legitimate income and jobs would be generated for licensed sellers and growers
  2. Less money will enter the hands of criminals (local and foreign)
  3. Less overheads to policing


  1. Regulation would ensure that 'Skunk' and other cannabis derivatives are not provided legally and would help to generate a clear separation between the two substances
  2. Cannabis has medicinal benefits for sufferers of neural illness and a variety of other conditions
  3. Cannabis has the ability to reduce stress in certain individuals

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