(Speaking for the situation in Scotland – don't know about rest of UK)

Currently a separate disclosure is required for each activity – perhaps a central database could be checked against a disclosure number and name (with the permission of the person concerned). 

Why is this idea important?

Processing disclosures takes time and costs money -for the state and organisations.

For volunteer roles I think currently the organisations themselves don't need to pay but it has taken at least one paid employee somewhere to process the applications…also I think for at some organisations it is just for  'peace of mind'.

However disclosure can only show that the person concerned hasn't been caught  – and may lead to a false sense of security . Also as far as I am aware there is no expiry date.

It discourages people from volunteering – I know of at least one person who is already disclosed (a teacher) who would be prepared to help out but hasn't got a new application in yet.

In the last year I have had 3 disclosures and I would also question the need for all of these. 

Especially for 2 of these (helping out at school trips and covering sickness at sunday school)  I would always be in the presence of at least one other adult who has been disclosed. Even for my job (playgroup administrator)I have no direct contact with children (although I do have access to their personal details).

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