Councils are lacking in both money and ideas that encourage enterprise. They are not entrepreneurial by nature and do not understand the needs of small business and the self-employed.


In the UK we have plenty of talented and creative individuals capable of growing businesses and plenty of empty commercial premises. I would like to suggest that a nationwide enterprise task force is set up that is most importantly staffed by people from a business background who understand the needs of the self-employed.


If the task force had special powers to create enterprise zones within local communties those participating could be protected from interference from red tape and conditions could be created that allowed eneterprise to thrive.


The scheme would be about local regeneration, rebuilding pride in the community but at the same time be a strong national movement supporting and demonstrating what the strengths of the UK are and aiming to build businesses that have potential to grow.


The enterprise zones would be controlled areas guided by rules set up to allow business to thrive, those participating in the scheme could team up exchange and share skills. The areas could be free of normal legislation and special insurance schemes could devised so that all invoved would be protected. There could be shared exhibition facitilies, retail outlets and other shared facilites. Business angels could be invited to paticipate,  importing agents could be encourage to visit and advise.

Big business could be encouraged to support the scheme financially as there would be prestige associated with potential success and benefits to them in many other ways.

The whole scheme could be celebrated and publicised by the media and become inspirational to those who are unable to find employment.



Why is this idea important?

We need to value the enterprising nature of Britain and provide fertile ground to support those that can generate ideas and income for they create the real wealth of this country. They also build prestige for the nation.

Think of the industrial revolution and the momentum acheived, how can we renew our economy without giving special status to those who have the potential to create wealth. At present many are forced into the black economy or frustrated by conditions that favour big business. It takes a variety of skills to build a business, shared facilities and on the spot advice by real experts would be a huge bonus to all concerned.

The benefit of giving status and power to potential wealth creators would be to inspire all to build a better future.


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