firearms act 21 1968 act

Why is this idea important?

we say in this act that for some one to have a shot gun licence there have  being in prison for more then 3 mths and no longer then 3 years if this is the case there are band for 5 years for holding a licence  then any one over 3 years are band for life from holding a licence .

i think this is a wide gap from 5 years to a life ban

if we believe in society and people do change there lives around, what ever  might of done 30 years ago should not affect who there are today .

so the only way around this is change the act accordantly to the crime IE a 3 year ban a 5 year ban a 10 year ban no more then 20 years ban .

but life is wrong 

or there is another way around this and it is to make after prison sentence has been done and you have paid your dept to society your crime should be spent after 20 years but this act should not just  start that from now 2010 but should be amened on the 1968 act  sec 21   so this is given to people who are living in the UK and being to prison way far back as 1968 this would make it fair to every one and not just the chosen  few  and last thing all licence you should be 21 years old not 9 years old or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 you should be 21 years old as we know there are a lot of children with firearms licence and we are told that if a child commits to a crime is maybe to young to be dealt with as he is a child so why give him a licence for a shotgun .and the reason should not because he or she was brought up on a farm . this should not even matter a gun is a gun a child is a child 

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