In view of the fact that our Motorways and Dual carriages are 'clogged up' at peak times, a simple solution may be to reward companies using heavy goods vehicles to have them 'park up' between the hours of 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6 pm. Reward the participants with a tax break on their excise duty. i.e. give them a 30% reduction in excise licence duty.

The scheme could be extended to over-night using HGV's by giving them a greater discount to use their vehicles between 9pm and 6am.

A database of those participating could be created. A high visibilty disc could be used on the vehicle to identify it as a participant.

It may sound stupid but some of the best ideas usually are!

Why is this idea important?

As we all know the volume of traffic at peak times causes huge queues and delays. In offering a discount on vehicle excise duty, it may encourage goods vehicle to be off road during peak times allowing a more substantial flow of 'rush hour' traffic.

It benefits the companies as the driver would usually have to take a driving breaks any way, and when they do return to the road, the drivers  themselves would find easier flowing traffic as 'rush hours' would be over and instead of being stuck in traffic causing congestion and burning fuel they would have more freedom of movement at off peak times.

It may save the expense of building new roads and extending existing motorways.

Motorway cameras are all ready in existence and therefore it should be simple to enforce! Those who are in the scheme and breach it without good reason, could be posted the relevant fixed penalty notice.

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