People in receipt of housing benefit, of more than 95 per week should be re-homed, to a more affordable property, the government should build more affordable social housing, and reduce the amount of money it gives to private landlords.

People who recieve housing benefits should not live in mansions ( mainly london) and get upto£1500  per week in housing benefits.

Why is this idea important?

This ideas is important because if the government build more housing it will create more jobs, reduce the housing benfits cost and generate a rental income.

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  1. I agree with this sentiment. I like the idea that you are seeing the problem with the lack of suitable housing especially for families. And the rising culture of greedy landlords. I know of one case where a property developer would buy at auction ex council flats in tower blocks, and then rent them out to people on full housing benefit at full market levels . So in a block of flats you have the crazy situation of people living in council flat paying a reasonable rent with a secure tenenacy ,which goes back into the maintenance of the buildings, and then in the very same block, the same situation, but the council is actually paying, 40% more money to line a private landlord pockets, to house families in the same boat.

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