The National Speed limit should be increased to 80mph on Motorways only.

Why is this idea important?

A recent survey showed that more accidents happen on minor roads.  Millions of people travel on Motorways everyday without incident.  Accidents on motorways mostly happen when traveling at slower speeds and in Congestion.

Modern Motorcars, by far, out perform the old govermnent requirements on handling and braking as stated in the highway code.  technology has made travelling by road safer every year.

Traveling at 80mph would allow drivers to drive more efficently as cars these days are designed to be driven correctly with the average car being comfortable at this speed.

One Reply to “Increase the National Speed Limit to 80mph on Motorways”

  1. excellent idea. currently most drivers igore the law anyway as it’s essentially impossible to keep to 70. This means other speed laws such as in town are ignored almost by extension.
    As a return to sensible speed limits this is a good 1st step although I think 90 on motorways would be more sensible

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