Few drivers currently conform to 70mph on motorways and dual carriageways. 

Many constabularies allow 10%+5mph over the limit, or 85mph top speed, on motorways before prosecuting, anway.

It's not speed that kills in itself.  Its bad driving (which may involve inappropriate speed) that causes accidents; but that is harder to identify and deal with.

Dangerous or careless driving needs to be more fully enforced.

Why is this idea important?

If speed limits truly reflect the type of road and acknowlege the considerably increased safety and drivability of cars that has developed since the limits were first introduced over 40 years ago, then they could be enforced more rigidly and with credibilty to the driver.

We need to stop the 'cat and mouse' game that is played between drivers and the traffic police and be more willing to accept that speed limits are realistic and required.  They are currently regarded by most serious drivers, undertaking important journeys, as arbitrary and unnecessarily limiting.

We have some of the safest motorways in the world!  (Lets see the data rather than pretend)

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