As the death of Ian Tomlinson so closely echoes the death Blair Peach, it is obvious that nothing has changed in the space of  30 years. Any doctor assigned by the police to do a post mortem is not an unbiased observer. Any evidence is not properly collected as would be the case if the post mortem was carried out in a normal manner.


A police officer is there to enforce the law, not stand aove it.

Both the doctor and the CPS who then use the suspect Post Mortem to cite a "conflict of experts" as a reason to squash any further progress of the case and allow the police office to get away with murder.




Why is this idea important?

Ian Tomlinson was an innocent bystander who was assaulted without provocation. He deserves justice.


As his death is not an "isolated incident" it is behoven for the Home Office and the government to protect their citizens from the actions of brutal or over zealous police officers.

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