The current rules state that the UK spouse needs to be in full time employment for at least 6 months and there are questions related to the use/need for government funding.  If the spouse takes a low paid full time position, it is hard for the UK spouse to be able to afford the visa and air fare that the foreign spouse needs before access to the UK can be achieved.  Without access to government funding, the UK spouse would need to be earning in the region of £20k per year, minimum.

I would like the rules changed to state that the UK Spouse can access government funds.  This would allow funds to become available for the purpose of purchasing a visa, air fare and other necessities in order for the foreign spouse to enter the UK.   Alternatively, make the rules more comprehensive.




Why is this idea important?

It can be shown that not every UK resident who acquires a full time position obtains a job that pays above the minimum wage.  Hence, that person finds it necessary to access government funding to help cover all the bills.  Restricting the foreign spouse from accessing government funding – unless allowed by their visa – will help. 

However, I am aware that a lot of foreigners who are currently in the UK are seeking EU personnel to assist them to stay.  I can see the financial need – by the UK resident being met – but am opposed to the excessive use of the loophole in allowing sham marriages to be conducted.

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