The dutch system would work fine in the UK apart from that there the cannabis is still supplyed illegally. This is why I sugest full legalisation as it would remove the criminal element and create a fully taxable market.



Cannabis is less harmfull than alcohol and tobacco (two bigest killers in the uk, bigger than ALL illegal drugs combined) with 0 deaths in all its hystory of use. It has no overdose limit.

Also the link betwenn cannabis and schizophrenia is non existant. As cannabis use has rapidly increased, the cases of schizophreniahave remain the same (3%-4% of the population).

Why is this idea important?

Regualting and taxing cannabis will:

– Save around £19 billion pounds in not enforcing this law

– create a new market, therfore creating new jobs (shops opening, grow operations..) and a new for of tax revenue

– Allow police to tackle real dangers to society, making comunities safer to live

– free up prison space (not letting sex offenders, murderers out early and cutting cost for prisons)

– Make it much harder for children to get hold of the drug… people caught selling to it can be fined etc..

– cannabis users will have consumer rights

– cannabis will undergo regulation procedures (not contaminated, fair scores etc..)

– Stop gifting organised crime a billion pound industry tax free.. Take controll of it


Prohibition causes more harm than it prevents.

Also the full use of hemp, and allowing people to grow it would save te planet. Hemp can produce a sutainable 'green' biofuel at very low costs, be used to make plastics, cloth, rope, clothes, cleaning products (soap, shampoo), seeds are the most nutriotional to man… please look into it 🙂

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