legalise in the UK

Why is this idea important?

we have the right to many things why not the right to die? Many people are sadly preparing for a particulary unpleasant death yet we expect our fellow human beings to suffer.  We treat animals with more respect and would be jailed for knowing allowing an animal to be in pain.

what more greater respect can you give a dying person or severly ill person than to give them that final act of kindness

I do not agree with suicide if people are simply depressed..i mean for critically ill patients who wish to have that last wish granted.

I personally would not want my children to see me suffering in pain, i would want them to remember me as the person i was (where possible).  I saw my father suffer and it mentally affected me for a long time as he was a very proud upstanding man who was unhappy and in pain and i know what he would have hated most was me seeing him like that.

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