Whereas I agree that some councils have abused their right to install covert CCTV, by putting them in bins or watching people taking their children to school, it would be counter productive to remove the right for local authorities to install CCTV

 I work for a local authority community safety team and fit covert CCTV at the request of local residents to try to find those responsible for painting graffiti on their property, damaging their walls, gardens or cars etc.

 None of these would be serious enough for Police to install CCTV.

 Recently we fitted a camera for an 83 year old lady. Youths playing football in the street would often kick the balls into her garden and trample on her flowers to get them. She was very upset and as she had limited mobility her garden was her only enjoyment.


Police had made enquiries but could not identify those responsible. We fitted a camera just looking from her window at her front gate. We identified two youths, spoke to their parents and the problem was solved. No one was arrested or criminalised.

 Surely that cannot be an invasion into those young people’s civil liberties.

 Please consider leaving the power for local authorities to install CCTV, at resident’s request and in consultation with Police, for crime and disorder purposes.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because these cameras are not fitted for the benefit of the local authority but at the request of, and to benefit, the public

To remove the right for local authorities to install any covert  CCTV would leave many people vulnerable and increase their fear of crime and disorder.

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