Currently each time you move between employers this necessitates a new CRB check.  this can take up to 16 weeks, involve a huge amount of paperwork and clinical staff are not meant to start work without it.  If the CRB was related to the individual only, they could produce it as evidence to a new employer along with last wage slip, references, qualification certificates etc.  If required it could be made renewable annually.  Currently an individual could have 3 or more different CRBs if they have two part time jobs and undertake voluntary work for example.


Why is this idea important?


Making a CRB portable would enable:

1) Savings to be made in the CRB processing office as the volume being processed would dramatically drop

2) Businesses (not just the public sector – important this extends to the private sector too) can easily recruit and start staff with adequate safety checks such as the Independent Safeguarding Authority.  This will help to REDUCE risk & save huge sums of money as the need to use unknown staff from an agency (with whom they have a CRB…) will be reduced by 300-400%

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