I believe that all schools should make Life Skills a compulsory subject to all pupils as it would teach them to be more independent and prepare them for later life.  The categories that I would suggest be taught are; basic sewing skills, defense and cooking. 

Why is this idea important?

 Many would argue that children should be taught life skills by their parents; however, many children can’t be bothered or they don’t have a close enough relationship with their parents/guardians, they don’t even have parents and live in a foster home, parents don’t have time, etc. 

At my school we don’t even have Life Skills as a side subject or even as a club, I think this is very worrying as many of us will then grow up not knowing the basic skills in life.  What truly surprises me is that many of my classmates wish that the school did offer the subject and said they would definitely appreciate the classes, especially defense as many of us walk to and from school alone

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