Uninsured drivers cost us all a lot of money on our insurance premiums and, if one of them hits us, we lose our NCD and our excess isn't covered even if the crash wasn't your faul. I'm not sure if it is entirely fair to penalise the law abiding majority to pay for the law breaking minority.


I believe that if someone chooses to drive without insurance and then has a crash, they personally are liable for all the resultant costs and they should only recieve help from the Motor Insurer's Bureau once their esate is valued at £0.

Why is this idea important?

It would reduce the cost of insurance for those willing to abide by the law  because the number of uninsured drivers would decrease. It will reduce the number of uninsured drivers as the cost or insurance is likely to be far cheaper than having to sell off their estate.


It would save money for those who obey the law and penalise those who don't, which is the way it should be.

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