It is ridiculous that drivers that choose to insure their cars have to pay hugher car insurance premiums in order to fund the costs associated with uninsured drivers.

Fines for driving without insurance should always be much greater than the cost of the insurance, rather than proportional to the offender's income, and the vehicle should be confiscated immediately to help ensure the fine is paid (vehicle can be released if the fine is paid promptly and vehicle owner can demonstrate that it is insured).

Any balance of the fine should be deducted from the offender's income.

Whilst it is unlikely that collected fines alone will ever cover the total cost of uninsured drivers, by making not insuring the vehicle more expensive than insuring the vehicle, it should help. (Especially in conjunction with awareness campaigns highlighting high detection rates, high fines and what 3rd party insurance is for) Any shortfall in the cost should be raised in such a way that it does not increase the cost of insurance (e.g. fuel duty or income tax), as the high cost of insurance (especially for young male drivers) is a major reason for non-insured driving.

See Motor insurance and uninsured driving, especially the 2006 report Uninsured driving in the UK. The government has already done much to improve detection rates, but moving the burden of cost from the insured to the offenders would help a great deal.

Why is this idea important?

The idea would help break a feedback loop that causes more people to drive uninsured (high premiums -> more uninsured driving -> higher premiums).

It is also more fair on drivers that observe the law.

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